Green Vending

“VendingMiser® uses a Passive Infrared Sensor to:

o Power down the machine when the surrounding area is vacant
o Monitor the room's temperature
o Automatically repower the cooling system at one- to three-hour intervals, independent of sales
o Ensure the product stays cold”

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Commerce Vending holds the conservation of energy as well as materials to a high regard. Our philosophy of “Green Vending” is based around 3 goals:

1. Reduce our carbon footprint and cut down on green house gases,
2. Decrease excessive operating costs,
3. And most important of all reduce the cost of our products to the end consumer.

Measures we've taken to conserve include but are not limited to: lighting retrofits, location optimized route planning reducing our overall contribution to VMTs (vehicle miles traveled), the use of Energy Star qualified equipment. We recycle in nearly every way possible including cardboard, electronics, Freon cooling agent, printer cartridges, and even our older vending machines.
We proudly provide our clients with a variety of vending services, office coffee services and related food services.
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Green Vending
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