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Break room vending machine experts

Professional vending machine service available throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Commerce Vending offers a huge variety of beverages, snacks, and fresh and frozen foods. Furthermore, with today’s more health conscious consumers, we focus on including many healthy selections within our overall inventory.

Why should you consider adding vending to your location? By offering soda, snack, coffee and food machines right in your break room, people won’t have to leave to get what they want. This equates to happier employees and better productivity. As a further benefit, we offer customized service agreements where you can subsidize a portion of employee vending costs.

Snack vending machines in Los Angeles and Orange County

Choose today’s hottest snacks

From salty chips to sweet treats, Commerce Vending offers snacks sure to please. We will customize the vending machine selections based on your location to ensure your employees and guests have the very best snack vending experience available in Los Angeles or Orange County.

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Beverage vending machines in Los Angeles and Orange County

Refresh with must-have beverages

Imagine beverage vending machines optimized with the perfect combination from classic carbonated beverages to vitamin enhanced waters, and everything inbetween. We have the wide selection of drinks to make this a reality.

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Food vending machines in Los Angeles and Orange County

Deli-style food solutions

Today’s vending food goes beyond that of the past, crafted for the local tastes and popular food trends. We stock your food vending machine with both fresh and frozen entrees sure to please employees working multiple shifts or who don’t want to leave the location for breaks.

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Healthy vending machines in Los Angeles and Orange County

Highlight healthy foods, snacks, and beverages

Create a break room dedicated to healthier selections using one of our healthy vending machine solutions. From protein packed snacks to pure tasting water, Commerce Vending has the experience and know-how to make your healthy vending machine a success.

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Snack Machine

Beverage Machine

Pepsi Machine

Coke Machine

Food Machine

Hot Beverage/Coffee Machine

Cutting edge service begins with the latest technology

Invested in providing the dependable and innovative equipment Los Angeles and Orange County businesses deserve.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The newest vending machines offering quality products 24 hours a day.

Wireless Equipment

Ensure just-in-time delivery of exactly the right products to restock your location.

Debit/Credit Card Readers

Get the convenience of paying with credit or debit card at our vending machines.

Mobile Payments

Advanced technology allows users to pay at vending machines with their smartphone.

LED Lighting

Brighter than traditional bulbs, LED lights also save on energy costs.


We prepare the items your vending machine needs before we even leave the warehouse.

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Sensors inside the vending machine detect when a product falls, and if not, trigger a refund.

Energy Efficient

Vending machines designed to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Easy Refunds

If funds are lost, we offer gift cards that can be used at the vending machine.

Ensure your employees and guests have the best vending machines in Los Angeles and Orange County with Commerce Vending at 888-562-VEND and email chris@commercevending.com.